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fulfillment, and inner peace

Seminars & Training

We tailor private seminars to the needs of our clients:

  • Corporations
  • Non-profits
  • College/University specialty presentations for students
  • College/University staff development
  • Church & social groups

We’re all about practicality and efficiency. We teach proven techniques and principles from a variety of fields: from modern medical research and psychology, to ancient yoga and meditation.

Seminar formats range from one-hour sessions to weekend retreats (we will provide an extraordinary retreat facility), depending on the topic and client goals. And everything is customizable for your needs. Here are a few of the most popular topic options:


Public Retreats & Workshops


  • Achieve Greater Effectiveness
    Techniques and principles for enhanced success in any area of life. It’s all down to earth and doable, based on the common ground between the ancient science of Yoga and recent medical research.

  • Get on the Creative Edge
    Intuitive insight doesn’t just happen. And opportunities come by creation, not by chance. It’s all about whether you know effective ways to make it all happen.

Gyandev’s dream: To take a reasonably high-functioning team—okay, a non-dysfunctional team that aren't trying to climb up each other's back—through a weekend retreat to develop new insights, skills and, well, higher functioning. It will push your envelope in more ways than one! Interested?


Healthy Lifestyle

  • Stress Reduction and Mindful Living
    Cutting edge “inner technology” for high-quality, high-energy, low-stress living—from cognitive insights to dietary tips to methods for living at a higher level of energy to time-tested meditation, breathing, and other stress reduction techniques.

  • Overcome Insomnia Without Meds
    A wide variety of practical solutions, from breathing techniques and mental skills, to creating a sleep-friendly diet, schedule and environment.


Life Skills

  • Practical Insights the Mahabharata
    India’s great spiritual epic offers invaluable insights into living skillfully and successfully, and finding true, lasting happiness. This seminar is a lively, modern-day excursion into deep ancient wisdom. Gyandev is also a professional storyteller—and trust us, you want to hear the story of the Mahabharata. Here’s a sneak peak.

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