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Frequently Asked Questions

You both have strong spiriual backgrounds. Do your seminars and retreats have a spiritual emphasis?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. You see, we also have strong professional backgrounds, and we try to offer what our clients are looking for. Our public retreats usually address the spiritual dimension of the retreat topic, but our seminars for corporate, academic, and some other clients do not (unless the client requests it). In any case, our emphasis is always practicality, common sense, clear thinking, vibrant energy, and action. In short, we’re all about “what works,” not belief systems or theories.

I understand that most of your retreats incorporate yoga postures. I haven’t practiced the postures before. Can I still attend?

Yes. Please be advised, however, that we usually do not emphasize detailed instruction in the physical mechanics of yoga postures at our retreats. For that, you should go to a local yoga teacher, and it’s best if you get started with that before the retreat. Our style (Ananda Yoga) is relatively gentle, Keep in mind that you should feel no pain at any time, and if you have an injury, or a question about whether some particular exercise is safe for your particular physical condition, it is your responsibility to investiage the matter, and practice with appropriate caution.

How do you decide where to offer your retreats around the world?

We go where there is interest, and especially, one or more persons who would like to be our “local champion(s)” in making a retreat happen. If that’s you, please contact us.